About Us

In 2019 Infrared Heater Canada became the sole distributor of the Simfer's Icon brand in Canada and United States providing coast to coast coverage of its products. Taking on such a innovative and “new to this country” product was somewhat of a risk for  Infrared Heater Canada but with its track record of success in many other aspects of business becoming an extension of Simfer's Icon brand here in Canada and United States was clearly a sound decision. Both Infrared Heater Canada and the Simfer's Icon brand hold similar principles of business with regards to the environment, energy efficiency and saving customers money.

Due to the continuous increase in energy prices and the ecological hazards to the environment caused by fossil fuels, new heating alternatives are gaining more importance. Heating with electricity, the only energy type which does not have any waste and does not pollute the environment is now available in Canada. Infrared heating is an energy that is both efficient and obtainable by renewable sources.

A Icon Infrared heater begins heating as quickly as 3 seconds, it converts 94% of the energy it uses into heat by infrared luminescence. A Icon heater is efficient; it prevents waste of energy by directly heating people or objects without heating the air in the environment. Compared with traditional heating systems, a Icon heater is up to 80 % more efficient. The increasing energy demand of our world forecasts that the heating systems of the future will be electricity weighted.

 About Simfer 


Simfer commenced manufacturing in 1977, starting initially with heating stoves. This was followed in 1997 by the production of cookers. The Company made substantial investments in plant and equipment, research and development and in developing its own patented products. Simfer’s primary goal was to achieve high quality products and it soon became acknowledged as a benchmark both domestically and abroad. Simfer offers high quality products that are suitable for the different cuisines that can be found around the World. It aims to provide the best service and support to its network of more than 2000 retail outlets from its 1600 employees working in the Company’s 3 factories.

Simfer has a competitive technology-oriented philosophy, and believes that it is important to continuously evaluate new business opportunities.One example of this vision is Simfer’s new Cooling factory, which it opened in 2015. Representing one of the Company’s largest investments, the factory demonstrates Simfer’s ambition in the production of cooling appliances, which is one of the main categories within the White Goods Sector.

Simfer is one of the top 500 industrial corporations in Turkey. It understands that it needs to support its local communities and to be sensitive towards the environment, both of which can be seen through its local initiatives and manufacturing practises.