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We Create Reliable and Beautifully Design State of Art Patio Heaters @ Infrared Heater Canada to Fulfill your Heating Needs. Our Heaters are manufactured in Europe where high quality is essence of our factory for over 40 years. 

The Best Patio Heaters to keep you warm outside this winter

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Patio Electric Heaters Design and Installation Service Now Available in GTA

Get Accurate Quotes in GTA area For Your "Patio Heating Installation" from our own licensed Master Electricians. We can provide services for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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    Chilling out should never be chilly, and if there’s one thing people like doing, it’s enjoying the great outdoors – whatever the weather may have in store.

    If you’re hunting for a fast-acting infrared heater , we know you’ll find exactly what you need in our patio heater selection.

    230-V Heaters 

    One of the most discreet and convenient ways of installing infrared heaters is by mounting them to a wall surface.

    Not only does it ensure that your heater is kept out of the way but it also allows you to effectively direct heat to where it’s most needed.

    120-V Heaters 

    The long winter months can be cold, especially if you work in a space that isn’t well insulated and warm like a garage or shop.

    They not only heat faster and better than conventional heaters, but they are energy-efficient, safer and better for the environment and your garage, as its an enclosed space.

    Garage Heaters