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Technology Behind Infrared Heaters 

● Infrared
● Ways of Heat Transfer
● Types of IR Radiation

The Infrared, is the radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum between 0.760 μm and 1000 μm wavelength coming after the visible light, invisible to human eye but felt as heat.

Ultraviolet, visible light and infrared rays reach to the Earth from our life source Sun. It is the infrared rays that contributes to warming of the Earth. We feel a warmth on our bodies, even in winter, when the sun shines through the clouds. This does not mean that the earth suddenly warms up. We feel warm because of the photons, which constitute the rays of light, leaving their energy on the surfaces they hit. The operation principle of ICON Infrared Heaters is based on this phenomenon. It emits medium wave infrared rays. Photons in these rays leave their energy to the surfaces they hit and warm them.


Most significant feature of infrared radiation is transferring heat without using a media .We can feel the heat of the Sun in winter in very cold weather when it shines.

IR radiation of the Sun goes through the atmosphere without heating it.Our atmosphere starts to heat up only after the IR rays of Sun hit to Earth’s surface and re-radiates. The reason of this phenomenon is the wavelength of IR rays from Sun is not in the absorbable range for air, but the re-radiation of Earth surface is.

Advantages of Icon-Infrared Systems

  • One of the key factors of ICON IR filament’s efficiency is its patented helezonic resistance wire winding.

  • IR – Medium and fast medium wave ICON IR heating systems transfer more than 90% of the energy Consumed

    via radiation

  • Most of the materials absorb the radiant IR – medium and fast medium wave energy with minimum energy loss.

  • ICON- Carbon tube Ø23 mm with high transmission efficiency, high material and production quality.

  • High quality optical reflector with more than 90% reflection.

What are the advantages?

Economical  ● Health  Cost


  • Transfers heat up to 80% more efficient compared to other systems.

  • Heats directly the objects and people

  • Provides with deep and homogeneous heat

  • It is instant, practical and local

  • Allows to control and direct the heat

  • Portable

  • Minimum infiltration ( insulation ) heat losses as it does not heat the air directly.

  • No infrastructure needed

  • Almost no maintenance cost.

  • No need to heat unnecessary parts of a volume

  • Converts almost 100% of the electrical energy consumed to heat energy.

Advantages Related With Health

Used for keeping new born babies warm as it is hygienic and harmless.


• It does not dry out the air

• It does not cause headaches

• No gas release as there is no combustion.No risk of intoxication

• It does not consume oxygen

• It does not burn airborne and particles in the air thus it does not cause odor.

• In directly prevents microorganisms and bacteria to grow.


• It does not cause air movement thus does not bring dust up to our breathing level.

• Good for patients suffering from upper respiratory diseases like asthma etc as it does not dry out the air.

• Used in Physiotherapy as it provides deep homogeneous heat.Relaxes sore muscles and joints.

Cost Of Heat

  • The cost of heating room of the same size with ICON and any other conventional system is always cheaper with ICON due to installation and running costs especially at places with high ceilings or with high foot traffic.

  • Keeping the general heating system of a house 1 degree below the actual level saves 12% on heating costs. Higher humidity in the room will make us feel the heat more which will lead to saving on our heating costs.

Space Heating Tests Purpose of the test;

To calculate the energy consumed to heat a 3500 cubic ft. room from 540 F to 700 F

Comparing The Heating Costs of The Heaters in The Test

H e at er s

Electrical Convector 1.59 unit

Icon IR

1 unit

Water Panel Heater 1.46 unit

The Cost of Heating

**If we assume the cost of heating with Icon IR as 1 unit

Dummy Test

2x 2.0Kw electrical convector heater brought the average temperature on the body of the test dummy from 540 F to 680 F in 3 hours ,consuming 12 Kw of electric energy.

– Test room set up with Convector

2 x 2.oKw ICON IR heaters brought the average temperature on the body of the test dummy

from 540 F to 690 F in 1 hour , consuming 4 Kw of electric energy.

– Test room set up with Icon

How and where we can use ICON Infrared Heaters?

Learning Objectives


ICON Infrared Heaters can be used everywhere but especially ;

• Places with high ceilings

• Places where there is high air circulation

• Places where local heating is required

• Places where temporary heating

Home Applications

• Living Rooms

• Children Rooms

• Guest Rooms

• Lounges

• Bathrooms

• Child Care Rooms

• Working Rooms

• Summerhouses or Apartments

• Hobby Rooms
• Swimming-Pools

Commercial Applications

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Entrances

  • Workshops

  • Stores

  • Shopping Centers

  • Classrooms

  • Exhibitions

  • Storage Areas

  • Depots

  • Offices

  • Sanctuaries

  • Conservatories

  • Swimming pools (Indoors & outdoors )

  • Showroom (Indoors &outdoors )


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