Infrared Heater Canada Installer

How to Install Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heater Canada Installer

Infrared heaters, like all electric heaters, can be installed quickly and easily, with none of the expense of installing plumbed heating systems. Plug-in infrared heaters for indoor use can be installed by you or a handyman, a simple job that can be achieved in ten minutes. Hardwired 220 Volt heaters and patio heaters for outdoor use must be fitted by a professional electrician.

Infrared Haters - Indoor Use


  • Easy, fast and free!
  • Infrared Heaters mount on the wall like a TV or picture frame.
  • You can plug them directly into an ordinary 15 amp socket.

Hardwired Installation

  • A quick job for a professional electrician.
  • Provides a more discreet fitting with all wires hidden.
  • Required in bathrooms or other wet areas where you can’t have sockets.

Infrared Heaters - Indoor Use

Check Your Product

  • Some infrared heaters come with a plug, and can be fitted by you.
  • Others do not, so must be hardwired, or fitted with a plug.
  • Infrared heaters in bathrooms and other wet areas must be hardwired for protection.
  • Always check manufacturer installation guidelines and IP ratings for any product intended for bathroom use.
  • Warehouses, workshops, factories and other industrial locations will usually benefit from a hardwired fitting.

Patio Heaters - Outdoor Use

Hardwired Installation

  • Outdoor heaters must always be hardwired to protect against water ingress.
  • This is a quick job for a qualified electrician .

How to Control Infrared Heaters

Most infrared heaters don’t come with in-built controllers. This is to extend the lifespan of the product. Infrared panels, for example, are designed to last for decades, with durable heating elements which will inevitably last longer than the electrical components inside thermostats and timers. Purchasing separate controllers also gives you the flexibility to update your heating control system as and when new technology is developed. We always recommend installing your heaters with some form of controller, to help you save energy whilst ensuring comfortable heating levels are maintained.

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