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Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters

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Infrared heating is a somewhat new technology in the world of heaters and is emerging as the number one heating method. There are numerous benefits to using infrared heaters.

  • Efficient - With more even heat distribution, infrared heaters are independently lab tested and proven to quickly warm rooms up to 300 square feet
  • Durable - Six infrared quartz heating elements have a lifetime operation of over 12000+ hours
  • Healthy Heat - Produces healthier heat, retaining higher levels of oxygen and moisture in the air

Unlike traditional heaters, infrared heaters heat the objects in a room, not just the air. So when you turn them off, the objects remain warm. This allows the warmth to linger much longer than it would using traditional methods of heat. Heat from electric coils and wood warms the surrounding air, so when the heat source is gone, the air quickly becomes cold again.

Infrared Heaters are Safe
Infrared heaters are known to be among the safest portable heaters on the market due to their design and method of heating. Infrared light waves invisible to the naked eye travel from the heater to objects. The same principle applies to the way the sun heats surfaces. When you are standing in full sunlight, you feel hotter than you would standing in the shade. That is because the infrared light from the sun is being absorbed into your clothing and skin, causing you to feel more warmth. Infrared heaters do not burn anything to produce heat. Instead, they produce a certain light frequency called infrared light, which makes them safer than other heating methods.

Infrared Heaters Help Save Money on Heating Costs
Watch your electric bills shrink as your home becomes warmer, faster. Infrared heaters heat a room in less time than electric, kerosene, propane, or wood heat. The amount of energy needed to run an infrared heater is also less. Make sure you have properly winterized your home and sealed up any energy leaks, such as drafty doors and windows, chimneys, basements, and any other area where heat could be escaping. A small gap under a door or window can cause significant heat loss during the coldest months and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars to literally fly away.

Health Benefits of Infrared Heaters
Infrared heaters produce no smoke, fumes, or other by-product as they warm you. These heaters do not actually burn anything to produce heat. Because of this, the humidity level in a room stays consistent during use, eliminating the need to use humidifiers during the winter.

Infrared Heaters are Efficient
An infrared heater can heat a room in a fraction of the time it takes using other, more traditional methods of heating. This is because the heater does not heat the air, it heats objects. This not only allows you to stay toasty warm during the coldest parts of the year; it also saves you money on heating costs. In addition, you are reducing the amount of energy used to heat your home which is good for the environment.

Types of Infrared Heaters
Infrared heaters use electricity, propane, or natural gas to produce heat. Electric infrared heaters are perfect if you want the ability to move your heater from room to room.

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