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All About Infrared Space Heaters

Everything You Need Know to Choose the Right Infrared Heater for Your Home 

Infrared Heater

Infrared space heaters are a great way to keep any space warm on-the-go. This heating method can help save energy and time while still adding sufficient heat to your most-used spaces.

The Advantages of Infrared Space Heaters

Infrared heaters are more energy-efficient than other space heaters. They use 100 percent of the heat they produce which creates almost no loss in heat transfer to zone heat at a low cost. This is because, unlike other supplemental heating appliances, infrared heaters do not heat the air and instead emit infrared radiation that only warms the objects the radiation touches. The physics involved is similar to the way sunlight warms objects, which means there is a natural feel to being warmed by the heat from an infrared space heater.
Because they do not move large quantities of air around, they don't dry out the air excessively or move dust around compared to forced-air heating systems. They are also considerably safer than other types of space heaters since the heating coils do not become ultra hot.
There are few different styles of electric infrared heaters: wall mount infrared heaters, portable wheeled units with infrared heating technology, compact heaters with (partial) infrared capability combined with other forms of heating systems, and freestanding electric infrared fireplaces.

Essential Features


  • Digital Control Indicator 

  • Remote Included

  • Installation Required

  • Automatic Shutoff


  • Ip34 water dust protection
  • Tipping safety switch
  • Wall connection apparatus


The use of an extension cord is also not recommended when using infrared heaters as it can be a major fire hazard.

Price Ranges

Generally, for a decent model with thermostatic controls, you can expect costs to be in the $250 to $600 range. 

High price does not guarantee better energy savings; prices are inflated in some cases simply because demand is high and brands are limited. Features, construction, and heating technology tend to differ among infrared models and consumers should compare heaters to get the best value for their money.

Infrared Heater Use and Care Tips

Larger units (1500 watts or more) should be connected to a 20-amp outlet, or, if connected to a 15-amp circuit, they should be dedicated to the heater only. A 1500 watt heater will draw up to 12.5 amps of power, which can cause a 15-amp circuit to overload if other lights and appliances are also running off it. 

Infrared heaters are designed to be room, zone, or space heaters. Though some may boast a capacity to heat a larger area, an infrared heater should not be used as a home's sole heating unit, but as a supplemental heater to your central heating furnace or system. 

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