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Infrared Heaters

Ufo Under Desk Heater With Remote Control 120 Volt 100 Watt

Ufo Under Desk Heater With Remote Control 120 Volt 100 Watt

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Makes a Perfect Gift For This Holiday Season 

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When you take a look at this foot heater you may think “it’s not needed” but it is, and it’s something amazing, you will love it. If you are someone who is working on desk all day long, and your office is somewhere windows and doors stay opened and it’s cold. Just try this one and you will love it.
When we sit for a long time, our blood circulation slows down and it makes us feel cold even more, and foot are the body part that gets cold very quickly. You can catch cold from your foot so easily. Keeping your foot warm will make you feel warm all over your body. This heater may be small but it have done very good job for your health and doesn’t use power a lot and make difference in bills.
Some of our customers bought this unit to just the keep their pets warm during chilling winter. 
23X16X3 inch  


Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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